DAVID FERNANDO's great success is the result of many years of study and music experience acquired by living in different parts of the world; in Budapest, where he learned the Gypsy style by playing with their guitarists and violinists; in Vienna, the classic part of his guitar style; in Spain, the flavor of Rumba; in the USA, where he assimilated Jazz; and in Colombia, where he was born with the sounds of Cumbia and Salsa. Among his most important albums: "Guitars with Love", played with his professor Clemente Diaz, one of Maestro Andres Segovia's students in Spain, "A Colombian Guitar for the World", "Miami Love", "Hot Cali", "David Fernando, his Songs, his Voice and his Guitar", "Rumba Latin Jazz", "Surrounded by Angels", "Hits", "Colombia", "Si Jesus Viniera Hoy", "Miami I Love You", "Memories of Florida", "Universal Guitar" and "Rumbas".


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